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SaberGate - an HL7 Interface Engine is a database management solution that manages and enhances message streams between your information systems. SaberGate can merge or duplicate message streams on the fly and deliver the data to a downstream HL7 system or directly to a SQL database for reporting or other DB enabled applications. It is scalable from an individual provider practice up to an Enterprise solution for a metropolitan, multi-campus hospital network, SaberGate can facilitate your communications requirements.


Key Features:


The key features of SaberGate include the following:

  • SaberGate incorporates a dynamic SQL based lookup feature that enables a rules engine to enhance the message content based on analyst provided criteria. For example, from simple changes like the format of a room and bed location to as one example, the built in Rule Engine adapts the message stream to your needs.
  • SabeGate can access SQL tables such as your Master Patient Index or a remote EMR system using the SQL lookup feature, enhancing the message content based provided criteria.
  • SaberGate can feed a SQL data repository of ADT data extracted from the message stream producing a reportable database that can be used by other applications such as your in-house business logic applications. We accomplish this using the SaberGate SQL Injector.
  • SaberGate can allow a single ADT feed to supply many downstream systems with the customized data sets meeting each vendor’s HL7 requirements.
  • Content Based Routing, merging and splitting of data streams are all easy tasks for SaberGate. You can leverage one stream from your EHR to numerous downstream consumers.
  • SaberGate HL7 is monitored using the same tools your IT team already uses in managing your Exchange and SQL servers.


Uptime - A downtime avoidance software solution providing facilities with continued access to its' EHR information especially during unplanned downtime. Uptime is the solution that delivers timely and necessary patient care information to the desktops of your critical care providers, even while your hospital's Electronic Medical Record System is down, your network has crashed and the site generators have failed. Uptime can harvest data from your EHR or directly from an HL7 data stream utilizing our own SaberGate HL7 SQL Injector. If you have another data source we will work with you to customize the digest process for your environment. A subscribing workstation can then obtain the digest on a schedule you define. The care giver can access reports, results and medical information to continue giving quality, safe and efficient care even through the "disaster" of the day.


BAS - Benchmark Analysis Software - Software designed by Sabertech that can take collaborative data from multiple sources and compare outcomes, predict and measure results using benchmarking formulas specific to a clients needs.

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